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Thematic Program

KAIST Advanced Institute for Science-X

Thematic Program Program Description

  • Various academic events, including workshops and schools, are held by intensively inviting experienced researchers in a specific period to create synergic effects through the collaborative research and exchange focused on specific research themes

    Intensively promote the development of relevant research topics

  • As a key program of the hub, this program is attended by outstanding researchers, students with a challenging spirit, and scholars who can participate in convergent research
Call for application

[ Thematic Program ]

  • The Thematic Program takes The form of programs implemented by IAS of Princeton University, MSRI of UC Berkeley, IHP in France, and other prestigious research institutes
  • The Thematic Program for specific topic may serve as a venue for researchers in The field from around The world to ensure fast research progress through active communication
  • Most effective system to allow The research institute to be vibrantly operated through visits and exchanges of outstanding outside researchers as well as its own researchers
  • Suitable to maximize exchanges among The researchers within The relevant field and swiftly expose KAIST researchers and young researchers inside and outside Korea to The world’s research outcomes
  • a number of domestic researchers have improved their research capacity by taking advantage of The Thematic programs or visiting programs operated by The world’s renowned research institutes
  • Eligibility: KAIST faculty in College of Natural Sciences and College of Life Science and Bioengineering
  • Selection process: Call for applicants → Review by KAIX Committee → Approval by KAIX Committee → Announcement of selection results
  • Timeline: Closed